Case Foaming Line

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Conveyor-Face Down Type

Cycle Time 9~36 Sec
Number of Working Station 6~12 Stations
Number of Station 16~36 Molds(Deepend on Demolding Time)
Traveling Method Shuttle Type by Servo Motor, Track Race Type
Pitch 1,800~2,300mm
Pouring Heads 1~6 Head Pouring Type
Model Change Method - Manual
- Semi Auto
- Auto: Real Change Within Cycle Time
Conveyor-Face Down Type1
Conveyor-Face Down Type2

Carousel Type

Type Face-Down
Cycle Time 14sec ~ 18sec
Number of working station 4 ~ 7 Station
Numver of Station Station 24 ~ 30 Station
Traveling method method Shuttle, Track Race Type
Model Change Option
Injection Individual Mix Head or 1 Mix Head / 8 Fixture
Carousel Type1
Carousel Type2
Carousel Type3